Regenovue Sub Q Plus Lidocaine 1x1 1ml
Regenovue Sub Q...

Regenovue Sub Q...


Long lasting filler


Regenovue Sub Q Plus Lidocaine 1x1 1ml is made using hyaluronic acid, the safest ingredient adding 100% cross-linked structure between each molecule for long-lasting duration.

  • High Quality Hyaluronic Acid

    Non animal base
    Bacterial extract natural substance
    High Purity(Endotoxin <0.0015IU/mg)

  • Highly Crossed-Linked

    Linking material: BDDE
    Specialized manufacturing technique: Patent pending
    Increasing volume and duration

  • High Viscosity

    Long-lasting duration
    Supports skin texture stably to maintain elasticity

  • Highly Consistent Monophasic Structure

    Regular and compact pattern
    Stable and constant structure
    Natural volume
    Smooth injecting feeling

  • Regenovue Sub Q Plus Lidocaine 1x1 1ml Having Full Line-Up

    Various choice and accurate application
    Including Lidocaine


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